“Artification communicates thoughts and ideas through art.”

The Artification Workgroup of Transition Newburyport communicates sustainable principles through the practices of photography, sculpture, poetry, painting, landscaping and gardening, music, puppets and  theatrical performance.

Art touches all our senses and provides reflection, meaning and inspiration in our relationship to each other and the world around us.   Each person brings his or her unique life experience to bear when making, viewing or hearing art.  Different forms will speak intimately to each of us.  Art has a special role in reminding us of our playful human nature and our community of experience.  When art is serving sustainability, it educates us about and challenges us to address our impact on the earth.

The Artification Workgroup includes Deborah Carey, Elizabeth Marcus, Elizabeth Rose, and Heidi Spinella.  We welcome other interested artifiers, and honor our predecessors and fellow travelers, the members of the Green Artists League.  We hope you will contact us through with ideas and thoughts.