The Lexicon of Sustainability Popup Show

Author, environmentalist and philosopher, Vendana Shiva says that we’re the first generation of people that have realized that we live in a world of very limited resources.

How do we turn from a consumptive culture to a care taking culture?

farm to tableOne way is to learn about the ways food is being grown and marketed sustainably through the words we use. The Lexicon is a series of images of farmers, small business owners, activists, fisherman and others putting food sustainability into practice. These panels illustrate concepts such as biodiversity versus monoculture, food miles, fallen fruit, permaculture, methane digester, and kitchen incubator, which are changing our food culture, restoring the balance of nature, and providing us with healthy local food. Created by information artist, Douglas Gayeton, The Lexicon of Sustainability has a website where you can add a term, learn about the latest initiative, Water and Energy, and view videos and more information.

We are the North Shore curators for the Lexicon of Sustainability, a fully portable set of twenty four framed color images for display for free in public venues. Each image defines and illustrates a term of food sustainability. We want to support and educate the public towards the goals of growing, purchasing and consuming foods that will establish a more healthful planet.

Exeter FM LexiconOur Lexicon set of images has been at the Newburyport Farmers Market, the Exeter Farmers Market, the Lawrence Farmers Market, the Lawrence CommunityWorks Thanksgiving Dinner and was featured at What Does Food Sustainability Mean presentation for the Local Flavor Community Potluck at the Central Congregational Church at 14 Titcomb Street in Newburyport in January.

These images were loaned to North Shore Community College for five events in February, March and April, and seen by 440 students, teachers and the public. They complemented the screening of the Weight of the Nation, which brings together the country’s leading research institutions in a national initiative to help shed light on solutions to restore our individual and collective health. At two events, corporate chefs created organic, vegetarian stir fry offerings which sold out in 45 minutes! And in late April they were viewed at the reception for the second annual EarthPort Film Festival at the Newburyport Firehouse Theatre.

What events, schools, libraries and other venues would benefit from their presence? Please down load the brochure here, send an email to or call us at 978 388 5629 to schedule some or all of them at your location today.