The Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport

tt-hourworld-logo-2The Time Trade Network of Greater Newburyport ( is a vibrant, dynamic, diversified and inclusive network of members offering and receiving a wide range of services to meet their  needs, to build and strengthen community friendships — and have fun doing it!

Services offered in the timebank are as diverse as the skills and talents of its members. Examples include pet care, tutoring, computer assistance, baking, respite care, home maintenance, garden help, budgeting, transportation and more.

A timebank uses the currency of time to exchange services within the community. Members earn a Time Credit for each hour they spend helping other members of the community, and use Time Credits to receive the services they need. Every Time Credit is equal regardless of the type of service provided. Time Credits can be saved indefinitely, they do not earn interest nor do they lose value.

A core group of individuals from the Greater Newburyport area formed to organize a community time bank/exchange to serve the area in 2013. It was formally launched in October 2014. The timebank project grew out of a series of Resilience Circles sponsored by Transition Newburyport and Central Congregational Church. A number of participants in those circles formed the beginnings of the timebank’s founding group.