50 Actions for 50 Years #10

Action 10 – Participate in Citizen Science – Bird Watch

Join eBird, an online checklist project created by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. Ebird allows people to report real-time bird sightings and observations.

50 Actions for 50 Years #9

Action 9 – Explore Raising Backyard Chickens

Join Northeast Organic Farmeing Association for a free Resiliency Skills Online Gatherings on Friday, May 1st, at 5:30pm.

They will cover how to get started with backyard chickens. Adding poultry to your backyard, homestead or farm can build your soil nutrients, control pest populations and even clear land while supplying you with healthy food. Click here for more details and to register.

50 Actions for 50 Years #7

Action 7 – Choose Aluminum or Cardboard Packaging

When you buy packaged goods …… choose items packaged in aluminum or cardboard rather than plastic, if possible.

Cardboard is easily recyclable and also degrades more quickly if it ends up in the landfill. According to the Aluminum Association, nearly 75 percent of all aluminum produced in the United States is still in use today, and aluminum can be recycled over and over again.
(from the National Wildlife Federation)

50 Actions for 50 Years #6

Action 6 – Learn Simple Clothing Repair

By learning some simple repair techniques you can extend the life of your wardrobe. No need to replace or trash it. You can even add some style.

Learn how to patch jeans, darn a sock and sew on a button here.

50 Actions for 50 Years #5

Action 5 – Stop the Money Pipeline

Break ties with Fossil Fuel Funders — Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, Bank of America. These banks are loaning billions to the fossil fuel industry.

If you bank with them, your money is being used to fund climate chaos. It’s time for people of conscience to align their money with their values.

How? Visit https://stopthemoneypipeline.com/about-2/

50 Actions for 50 Years #4

Action 4 – Take the Survey to Inform the Newburyport’s Open Space and Recreation Plan

The City of Newburyport has begun the process of updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) which was last done in 2012. Residents are encouraged to participate in an online survey regarding their favorite parks and open spaces, concerns about Newburyport’s recreational and natural open space areas, and any other related thoughts.

This easy survey takes only five minutes to complete. Go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NewburyportOSRP

50 Actions for 50 Years #3

Action 3 – Sign up for Household Renewable Energy

You don’t need to have solar panels installed to have access to renewable energy. MA non-profit Green Energy Consumer Alliance’s Green Power Plan provides renewable energy to you home via your regular utility National Grid.

Get the details here.

50 Actions for 50 Years #2

To mark the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we’re sharing 50 actions you can take to create a more resilient, sustainable world.

Action 2 – It’s Farm Share Sign-up Time

The Newburyport area is lucky to have a number of farms that offer farm shares, also known as CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture).. It’s a great way to support area farms and to help make our local food system more resilient.

See the list of farms in the area that offer CSA’s here.