50 Actions for 50 Years #1

To mark the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we’ll share 50 actions you can take to create a more resilient, sustainable world.

Action 1Create a Wildlife Habitat

If you have the space, we invite you to create a wildlife habitat. Just provide food, water source, hiding places and use sustainable practices. Details are available here.

Have You Signed Up for Your CSA Yet?

It’s the time of year to sign up for a CSA?
Check out our listing of local farms offering a CSA option here.


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and local residents that keeps independent businesses thriving, helps families eat seasonal, local produce to build a stronger local food system.

We a very fortunate to have many to choose from the in Newburyport area!

TOMORROW – Imagine the Possibilities in Newburyport!

Interested in getting involved, sign up here.

A group of about 30 met on Wednesday, July 12 at the Newburyport Public Library to reflect on and discuss the documentary film TOMORROW. The film highlights examples of communities around the globe working to address some of the most challenging issues facing us and our planet through positive, local action. It provides examples of local initiatives in agriculture, energy generation, transportation, the economy and democratic action.

Transition Newburyport facilitated the discussion. The participants were asked “Which examples from “Tomorrow” would you most like to see happen in the Greater Newburyport area.” They wrote out their ideas individually and then broke into self-organized groups to explore how the ideas might be developed here. At the end of the gathering, the groups reported out on their discussion.

Curbside Composting
Advocate for continuation and expansion of pilot composting program citywide.

Host multi-generational roundtables on the environment.
Redefine growth in terms of quality rather than quantity..
Envision the future.

Community energy aggregation favoring renewables
Community energy generation group
Ward competitions for energy conservation

Food Growing
Identify and use unused space to grow food
Develop program to match unused land with people who want to garden
Explore permaculture

Transportation Alternatives (Bike, Ped, Public Transit)
City infrastructure is not well laid out for walking and biking
Explore use of jitney buses for in-town transport
Explore citywide bike hub rental stations
Implement Newburyport Greenway/Middleway

Address the Emerald Ash Borer threat

Promote meatless Mondays
Local Food Climate Cafe on August 13 at Parker River Wildlife Refuge

The next step agreed upon is to reconvene these topic-specific groups to further explore these and other related ideas. Transition Newburyport will facilitate setting up the next meetings for these interest groups. Those who were not able to come to the July 12 meeting are welcome to join in.

If you are interested in getting involved, sign up here.

Questions? Feel free to email transitionnewburyport@gmail.com.

Here’s a full list of written responses to the question, “Which example(s) from Tomorrow would you most like to see happen in the Greater Newburyport area,”

Drive Green! Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Showcase – Sun, May 21

Drive Green!
Sunday, May 21, 10 AM to 1 PM
The Tannery Marketplace, 75 Water Street
Here’s your chance to learn about the electric and hybrid vehicles available through the Mass Energy Consumer Alliance, group-buy discount program. The combination of government incentives and dealer discounts mean that one can purchase or lease a Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt or Bolt, Ford C-MAX Energi, or Ford Fusion Energi for 30-50% off the MSRP. Select EVs will be on display and test rides will be available.
Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.48.22 PM
Mass Energy is a nonprofit organization working to reduce emissions 80% by 2050 and stop climate change. EVs are a big part of the solution! For Drive Green program details visit the Mass Energy website: mass energy.org/drivegreen
This event is sponsored by Transition Newburyport, a local grassroots group working to build community resilience in challenging times.

A Spiritual Journey to Findhorn & Iceland – Mar 28 at 6:30 PM


A Spiritual Journey to Findhorn and Iceland
Tuesday, March 28 at 6:30 PM
Newburyport Public Library

In 2016 Erin Stack of New Harmony Farm visited Findhorn Foundation in Scotland to experience one of the pioneer organizations of earth-center spirituality and sustainable living. Fifty-three years after its humble beginnings, the Findhorn Foundation is a thriving spiritual community, ecovillage (the largest in Europe) and an international centre for holistic learning, helping to unfold a new human consciousness and create a positive and sustainable future. From Findhorn they travelled to Iceland.

Join Erin as she shares experiences during this journey and the profound influence they had and continue to have on her.

This program is sponsored by Transition Newburyport and the North Shore Permaculture Collaborative.

Before the Flood -Mar 22 at 7 PM


Before the Flood
Wednesday, March 22 at 7 PM
Central Congregational Church
14 Titcomb Street

NOTE: Date Change from Thursday, March 23
Central Congregational Church, FRSUU Climate Action Project and Transition Newburyport invite you to a free screening of the award-winning film Before the Flood at Central Congregational on Wednesday, March 22nd at 7 PM.

Before The Flood depicts how Earth is changing due to rising temperatures and how individuals and society-at-large can help preserve our precious environment. Leonardo DiCaprio travels around the world to interview a number of world leaders and experts about climate change, including President Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State John Kerry, U.N. Secretary-General Ki-Moon, Pope Francis, Elon Musk as well as top NASA researchers, forest conservationists, scientists, community leaders and other environmental activists.