Lexicon of Sustainability Pop Up Art Installation – Sunday, November 18th – 9 AM to 1 PM

Fresh from installations at the Lawrence Farmers Market on October 17th and the Exeter Farmers Market on October 25th, the Lexicon of Sustainability Pop Up Art Show is coming to the Newburyport Farmers Market on Sunday, November 18th.

Words are the building blocks for new ideas. They have the power to activate change and transform societies. By illuminating the vocabulary of sustainable agriculture, and with it the conversation about America’s rapidly evolving food culture, the Lexicon of Sustainability educates, engages and activates people to pay closer attention to how they eat, what they buy, and where their responsibility begins for creating a healthier, safer food system in America.
In all, nearly two hundred leaders in food and farming from across the country have contributed their valued experiences to this rapidly growing Lexicon of Sustainability. These insights have been translated into large format “information art” photo collages, a series of short films, and pop up shows across the USA.

Don’t miss this engaging and beautiful photographic exhibit highlighting the language of sustainable food.